Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This is another sickening post - as in love sick, literally sick and ill, or plain mind sick. :-)

This pix was taken in 2009 by my 2.0MP Nokia 3500 Camera Phone.. I'm so proud of it. Please attribute it to if you need to copy it. Thank you.

This is another sickening post - as in love sick, literally sick and ill, or plain mind sick. :-)

The air quality in Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital city of Malaysia has been bad lately, it has gone from bad to worse and the worst is yet to come. We have been not having that much rain in the past one month or so, and over this part of the world, it's either sunshine or rain, and you need a balance of both or else it will definitely cause havoc to our body system with either too much heat (sore throat, fever) or too much rain (cold, fever). Yeah.. that's why paracetamol brand Panadol is the best seller here, we get fever either way.

Let's take for example, last Friday, my friends from Singapore (South to KL) and Penang (North to KL) came for a visit, they actually could still see the Petronas Twin Towers, the landmark of Malaysia, and Kuala Lumpur Towers, albeit they could already see the bad air quality, it was really hazy!!! However, that was nothing compared to the deteriorating air quality due to a lack of rain, on Monday, when they left KL, the Twin Towers have gone from hazy to almost greyish, and by the time of this post, it has actually gone grey-black due to the air quality, that is if you view it from 10km away.  It's horrible!

Hence everyone around me is either sick or beginning to fall sick, throat itchy, cough, cold, flu, fever, sore throat, eye redness/irritation, allergies, and the list goes on.

Hubby and I both succumbed to the heat and bad air quality a few weeks back, and it has gone worse as the rain continues to be absent.

Anyway, seeing hubby so sick, and I'm nursing a horrible sore throat (3 weeks and counting), on my 3rd course of antibiotics and voice totally gone due to the swelling -- we are both on MC (medical leave) today but he's working from home, I'm online checking work emails -- seeing him trying to talk with his razor sharp throat pain and suppressing his cough while video conferencing broke a string in my heart, and then pride came as I know this is a responsible man who takes anything he takes on seriously, his job, his family, and most of all, his responsibility to me, his wife. I'm a lucky woman. With that note, I'll end this post and nurse my illness and his by resting, yeah, like real rest from talking and sitting up.

Oh yeah, it does rain.. like for three to five minutes and more like sprinkles more than downpour. A few drops and that's it!!! We need real rain!!!

My friend from hometown tells me they have been having heavy rain lately, and so did Penang, and so did Singapore... so what's wrong with KL? NO rain at all?!?

I think I'd better learn how to do the rain dance from the Native Americans.

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