Sunday, 26 June 2011

Part 1: Brow Raising Experience - My Adventure of a 2-year-investment EyeBrow Tender Treatment (similar to embroidery but NOT tattoo)

I have always envied people with well-shaped and also well-defined eyebrows.

My brow arches are fine, I pluck/shape my own brows but over the years, having to pencil in the colour on a daily basis to have a better-defined pair of brows got to me, so I started exploring some semi-permanent options... means it will stay there for a year or two then fade away, won't be forever or permanently with me, that is kinda reassuring, so I started looking around on the Net and also asked around (word-of-mouth from friends and my students who have tried it before).

I've contemplated going for eyebrow tattooing then decided not to as my 'research' showed that even though it is 'permanent', after some time (some years) it will turn to bluish green - not exactly an attractive thought at all. So TATTOOING is OUT!

Then my sis-in-law on hubby's side had always perfectly drawn brows (with daily tedious drawing herself) until she decided to take a leap of faith and endured a week of Crayon Shin Chan eyebrows through Eyebrow Embroidery, and then emerged a beautiful set of eyebrows from the week-long caterpillar-like-brows. Eyebrow Embroidery is a different technique compared to tattooing and takes a different training/set of skills to perform.

I brought up the subject to hubby but he was like - your brows are fine! Then I just kept quiet and continued drawing my brows again for another year or so.

Finally, earlier this year after Chinese New Year 2011, I decided to continue with my 'research' on eyebrow embroidery.

I found this link:
"Differences Eyebrows Embroidery and Eyebrows Tattoo
  • From the Process:
    Eyebrow embroidery using a special tool in the form of a small pen to create lines resembling the original eyebrow hair, while tattoos eyebrows using a machine normally used to make a tattoo on body.
  • Results eyebrows embroidery more natural and does not seem like a patch or rigid, while the tattoo eyebrow shape is very artificial.
  • Tattoos embroidery use dyes that are relatively harmless to the body, so that it can cause side effects that often occur, such as swelling on the skin surface.
  • Over time, eyebrows tattoos can change color to blue-green or gray. Eyebrow embroidery is not the case. Over the past 3-4 years are eyebrow embroidery color will slowly fade away until finally lose, and it’s time for you to re-touch or embroidered eyebrows again. This condition is ideal, given in a matter of knowing the future condition of our skin elasticity changes, as well as with the trend, so that can be embroidered eyebrow re-shape and adapted to existing conditions."
    I decided why not? I searched around for a good deal in town (Klang Valley area) and my search brought me to this deal on, which marked my first purchase from the groupon-similar-website of good deals in Malaysia.
The offer on mydeal which made me one of the 38 'unsuspecting' customers who bought the RM99 voucher for eyebrow tender session (they claimed it's more natural than eyebrow embroidery)

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