Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Why is Life like this? Because it just is

Well, life throws some things that we may be unprepared for but usually nothing is greater than a loss, a loss of material things, loss of dream, loss of a dear relationship or a loss of life (death) of someone who know or even hold dear to our heart.

Yeah, death is inevitable. In between birth and death there is life and like a candle lit in the wind we never know when life will be snuffed out. We are just passing through this journey called life. 

In the past half a year alone, birth, illness, death have happened to many including myself. Just the past one month alone, people I know have witnessed the birth of their child, lost a child... Life lost so young RIP little angel, lost a pregnancy when your belly is growing with your anticipation, one got married, another broke up, And had someone dear falling ill (my prayers are still with you) and lost someone very dear to the other side, more than once sometimes in a short span of time. 

Such is life.

Celebrate life with its ups and downs.

However, life isn't all thorns without roses. Without these we won't appreciate the transient stuff because everything isn't permanent. Without the bitter we can never enjoy the sweet.

We will learn to treasure the present moments with our loved ones. 

Live like it is your last day on earth isn't cliche, it is very true. We don't even know what is going to happen the next moment so what right we have to claim that we have everything under control?

With birth there is death. It is what we make of the 'dash' in between that matters. What matters when you are lying down on your dying bed? Think about it and do something to reduce your regrets at the end of the day.

Stop the rat race and pause to enjoy the roses sometimes. Life is too short, too fleeting. Say I love you to your loved ones. Smile. Peace.

Pix by Jessica Coppadge, an admirable woman with strength and wisdom 

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