Saturday, 13 October 2012

Air Perm 2012

In conjunction with my birthday in 2012, I decided to change my hair from straight to curly so I permed my hair.

I know I made a vow not to straighten my hair anymore this year so this is a good change I guess, haha, this is relatively maintenance free, as long as I have the mousse or the gel or whatchamacallit to keep the curls in place and make them bouncy. My hairstylist called this method 'air perm', don't ask me why, haha. I was so happy it didn't cross my mind to ask why is it called 'air'.

Anyway, hubby doesn't really like it a first but I guess that is because I have never permed my hair in my adult life. It takes some time to get used to changes.

Whatever it is, I don't care.

I'm loving it. :)

Some pix of before and after dye/colour.

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