Saturday, 23 August 2014

Not so smart phones

I got an upgrade late 2013 when I got iPhone 5s while still keeping my old faithful iPhone 4. 

As fate would have it, my iPhone 5s started having hardware problems by restarting itself again and again at the most unexpected times. Hence it was sent back to the Apple factory to claim warranty.

I got a replacement phone but was not offered any phone to loan while I was phone-less. I didn't expect a temporary phone to use but then I received a survey from apple and while filling up I saw aquestion  asking if I was offered a phone to use while my iPhone was in repair. I replied no and suddenly felt short changed. The SIM card gotta be changed many times from nano (for 5s) to micro for any other smart phones just for this purpose.

Anyway I digress got back my phone albeit a different phone and everything worked one until it refuses to charge.

The phone just why dead and refused to charge. Managed to revive it until it charged until 15% and then it refuses to charge again. Very tempted to buy original apple cable but read the reviews they don't last more than 6months. 

To top it off my Samsung galaxy s4 has been cranky too and refuses to charge.

What's up with these advanced smart phones refusing To charge?

Geez. How can I use them if they are having flat batteries?

Guess it will be back to repair or iPhone 5s and perhaps S4.

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