Monday, 12 May 2014

Life, Death and Love

Between life and death there is love.

It is who and how we love that makes a difference.

I have the privilege of attending a funeral of a dear friend's dad today. Monday, May 14, 2014.

They played 'you raise me up' by Josh Groban at the final farewell at the church before the casket was whisked away in the car... The music and the tears got to me and brought me back to my late MIL's passing and those who passed on before her whom I have had the privilege of knowing....

The final kiss, the final look, the final farewell before your loved one is laid to rest... either buried or cremated.... 

Have you loved and truly lived so far? Where can we improve and what else can we do? 

Pix of the last rite, placing the flower in the coffin before the casket is closed one final time and whisked into the crematorium.

My friend Mary and I hugged tightly and sobbed without saying anything for a good 3 minutes or maybe more... United in our sorrow of having to part with a loved one.

RIP Uncle Pang. 
May all who went before us rest in peace.

Disclaimer: I am not a Catholic nor a Christian but was raised in a multi religious environment so I have no taboo against death or anything or even be in another religion's place of worship. It is all in our mind, our perspective.  

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