Friday, 7 February 2014

Lose, Loss, Losing, Lost

Standing here alone in an empty house where things are half packed into boxes and the walls and ceilings are still half or mostly still covered in soot after the fire on Feb 3, Monday early morning at dawn 5-6am... Today is Friday, Day 5 after the fire....

Standing here from the position of where only a year ago my Late mother-in-law was resting daily in her lazy chair when she was stricken with end-stage cancer, looking at her photograph staring back at me nearly did it for me. I felt like curling into a ball on this soot-covered floor and cry like a baby.

At that time, when we gained a baby boy, our precious son, 30 days later we lost the matriarch (hubby's mother) in Lee family. We lose the closest link to my husband's family. Things were never the same after that.

After this fire, it was as if we were shook to our very core to bring us back to reality. Hubby said he felt as if the cloud just disappeared and he could see now.

Another thing that caught our attention was how the smoke went around this Buddha image stuck on the wall.

This is the same Buddha image that our late mommy prayed to daily when she couldn't move when her cancer ate away her mobility as well. Perhaps her energy was still there, protecting us, protecting our small family. Perhaps holy images/items are really blessed and through this fire incident, we could see how blessed we were, whatever religion you are professing, holy items are truly blessed. An inch away from many more destruction or even loss of life... We were and are truly blessed. 

Gotta keep that in mind so I won't be losing my mind in dealing with being rendered homeless for at least a month... The electricity still trips (whole house shut down) when we try to use some power socket/point... This is not a safe place for residence until stuff are repaired... Waiting for insurance approval now....

Anyway, not gonna end this on a somber note. It is still the first two weeks of the New Lunar Year of the Horse. 

Instead of mulling on things we are losing or have lost... We should remind ourselves of our blessings... Thankful for just being alive.

Life indeed is blessed for everyone because just being able to breathe is a blessing in itself. Thank you.
May everyone be blessed with peace, good health and joy.


Jerome Teo said...

I am very shock to have just opened your blog via Google link and found out the terrible incident which happened to your house recently. We are saddened by your loss during this time of the year. How could such thing happened? Where are you and your family staying now. You can all come and stay with us any time as long as you like until your house is renovated.

JC said...

Miss Tiong stay strong and be positive okay? (i like it sounds like so serious ny lol) i know its hard but trust me, things will eventually get better ! Cheers!