Saturday, 21 December 2013

Papparich Service Terrible... Sucks doesn't even begin to describe it

Never thought my year-end post will be like this but here goes, LONG POST AHEAD, and I am still fuming hot!

Papparich Service Terrible

We arrived to a busy restaurant. A slight delay is unavoidable so we were prepared to wait half an hour or so... who knows it took an hour plus for our tummy to be filled. We are 4 adults and a baby. We took our seats with a 10-month-old baby. Asked for high chair before we sat down. Purposely went to the counter in front to ask. In the end we, one has to search for a baby chair ourselves. Sat down. No menu. Had to walk to get it ourselves. Pressed button many times.
Filled form. We submitted our form before the Indian customers two tables away. They haven't even arrived when we submitted the order form.
Indian customers get their drinks first. We waited patiently. Half an hour later no drinks.
Table 69 that is us grew hungry and impatient.
They forgot our order.
Even the table that arrived later than the Indians (no racism intended) got their drinks.

Then one person got her meal 45 minutes after ordering. Second person got her meal 15 mins later. Then last two waited till the other two nearly finished. I finished my drink and ordered another one. It never came.

Went to pay immediately after finishing the very late last two meals as baby is growing restless after more than an hour there.

Thirsty as my second drink never arrived. Messed up my order and brought wrong drink I didn't order.
Manager a Chinese, asked cashier to give 15% discount with no service tax. Cashier gave 8% discount. Then rectified and gave 15% discount but charged service tax for lousy service.had to leave fast as baby was crying. What's the point of saying won't charge service tax and give discount but in the end charge also. Liar.
The men laughed at me when I said I was thirsty. Manager even laughed and offered my drink that never arrived saying cheng lei yam. I said I dont feel like it anymore and he snickered. I then raised my voice and said why so funny. Kenapa ketawa. No one said sorry for snickering at my complaint. Said sorry for service. Can simply laugh at people. I never said any bad words or swear. Simply unprofessional. Pappa rich Sri Rampai near my house is way better than this Sunway Pyramid outlet.
I demand a proper apology for bad service cheating me of a promised discount and for laughing at a customer. I am deeply offended and disappointed.

Receipt number 428606 Saturday Dec 21 2013

Exact complaint lodged at Papparich official website tonight

P/s - Yes, of course they gave me hot water while waiting for my baby's bottle, and yes, they did offer me air kosong, plain water after I asked at the cashier when paying - don't you have water? Kamu tidak ada air kosong ka? More than 5 times. FIVE FREAKING TIMES and MORE.

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