Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Excited! Recording my excitement in anticipation of my first long trip!

I told hubby I am gonna blog about this BEFORE the trip so that I can record down my excitement in anticipation of my FIRST LONG TRIP.

There is only a first time once, right? So here I am, blogging (or showing off to some), of my upcoming dream trip to Disney World (in Florida) which comprises FOUR LANDS and two water parks (Imagine any Disneyland in the world and multiply that by four) and Harry Potter' World - Universal Studios Island of Adventure! Yippie!!!

On a scale of one being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I would say my level of excitement is maybe 9.5, simply being that isn't the only thing I am thinking about on a daily basis while waiting for the upcoming trip!

Anyway, in point for to list the crazy things I do in anticipation of the trip of a lifetime (at least at this point in time):
1. I have been reading a guidebook and we have collectively been doing research on the Internet on our trip since January, and our trip is only set to start on March 23.
2. I have been keeping it a secret from most people, and bursting in excitement only to a selected few just cos I cannot keep it a total secret, which by now is no longer a secret two days before our trip (March 21, today lol)
3. I have started packing since early March, and finally finished packing (almost) yesterday with hubby's help. Some loose things are gonna be added up to the last day.
4. I wasn't even that upset by things that will usually upset me and set me to tears/frustration, everything seemes not so bad just because I have this trip to look forward to.
5. Even the possibility that something may go wrong during this trip doesn't even dampen my mood. It is afterall the trip of a lifetime. lol

Okay, I am babbling nonsense. I just wanna say, I am so VERY EXCITED!!!!! Orlando, here I come! lol
So no matter what happen, this is a message to myself when I re-read this in the future, I am really excited and anything is going to be really worth it, no matter what. :-D *big grin*

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