Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A conference with a loophole

You know what they say: There is no free lunch in this world. Yup, totally agree.

I recently (more like two months ago) attended a conference two blog posts ago and it was awesome listening to the renowned speakers and all from Asian countrie. Saw many celebrity bloggers too from Malaysia, Phillippines, Indonesia, India and Singapore as well as powerful people in Malaysia like CEO of AirAsia and former Prime Minister Tun Dr M.

What irked me is how incomplete the participation folder was. From the 20-odd speakers in the two-day conference, we only got less than 25% of the speakers' notes. Fine, we paid only RM199 (students and bloggers even paid less!) for a two-day conference with sponsored venue, sponsored lunches and I suspect sponsored two-tea breaks a day. However, if you cannot get it, then just tell us straight to our face, sorry, we cannot get the rest of the notes/ppt slides for you. end of story. But no, they told us, replied to us on fb wall (they do have a fb page, go search it up) that they are working on it, got problem due to some copyright issue, asked us to wait and be patient.

Two months on.. hello?

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