Sunday, 22 February 2009

When Words Fail

OK, I'm having this collective issue - me and several more people - we are trying to form an online 'company' and were miscontrued as spamming in an online forum that we're active in - more than one month after our Corporation has started its activities actively.

Our 'business' and 'company' concept is totally foreign to the moderators there - some of which are less than a-quarter-century-old.

Despite the numerous messages and explanation which is totally done in detailed description with specific examples and proofs attached, the message was just not driven home.. we shall see how it goes - see if understanding of what we truly are will arrive to the odd ten moderators that we are indeed a single entity - instead of incomprehension at the moemtn as it seems that words are failing now. Either words are failing - or they do not bother to read at all.

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